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Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology E-JUST

Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) is a research university with an ambition to cultivate an academic environment and become a benchmark for the Egyptian and African countries in education. It was first established as a bilateral agreement project between the Egyptian and Japanese governments in May 2009 and later in 2010 it was ready to accept its first batch of students and make the dream a reality.

There is a strong relationship between both governments where they both divide the cooperation cohesively to ensure positive results. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) fully supports EJUST by sending their administrative and academic experts to assist and guide in the technical and managerial system of the university, as well as sending academic experts from the Japanese Supporting University Consortium (JSUC) to support in teaching, conducting joint research and co-supervising graduate students. Additionally, they provide state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and tools for research purposes. The Egyptian government fully runs and financially supports the university, which is managed by Egyptian members from both the academic and administrative staff.

All decisions that govern the university are made through its Board of Trustees (BOT) which is composed of 15 prominent figures from Egypt and Japan. They represent stakeholders from the government, as well as members from the academic field and industry from both countries.

  • Learning Centers - Technology Innovation Commercialization Offices, Technology Management Department and The Wireless Research Center.
  • Arts - The Liberal Arts and Culture Center (LACC) is a hub for student, faculty, and community enhancement hence it incorporates the foundations aimed at reinforcing and broadening the linguistic competencies and intellectual boundaries of both the university’s inner and outer communities. The center has an eye for educating highly moral students who have the capability to balance between scientific expertise, liberal arts education through enhancing and fostering the development of essential technical and soft skills in collaboration with knowledge. It also aims at developing human capacities by pioneering in research related to science, technology, and liberal arts. The center is committed to promoting leaders of the industry with an understanding of the global environment and the community they serve. Apart from the educational aspect, the center seeks to contribute to civilization, peace and prosperity in Egypt and the MENA Region.

  • Academic Undergraduate

    • Faculty of Engineering

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      School of Electronics, Communications and Computer Engineering (ECCE) NA
      School of Energy Resources, Environment, Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering (EECE) NA
      School of Innovative Design Engineering (IDE) NA
      Institute of Basic And Applied Science (BAS) NA
    • Faculty of International Business and Humanities (FIBH)

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      School of International Business(SIB) NA
      School of Human Sciences (SHS) NA