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Sadat Academy for Management Sciences SAMS

The history of the academy dates back to 1954 when the Institute of Public Administration was established on the recommendation of the English expert "Snicker" who was invited by the Egyptian government to study how to advance the Egyptian civil administration. He recommended the establishment of the Institute of Public Administration to take charge of preparing, training and honing the skills of government employees.

In 1961 the companies (business organizations) operating in Egypt were nationalized and infringed, which necessitated the use of Egyptian cadres to manage them, which necessitated the establishment of the National Institute for Higher Management to prepare and train the cadres and levels of senior management in these companies and public institutions.

In 1967 the Institute of Local Administration was established to train leaders And local government cadres, and from here it became three government institutes in Egypt, each in charge of administrative development activity, in 1970 it was necessary - and from the experience - to achieve integration, homogeneity and effectiveness in providing training service, merging the three institutes into one training institution, the National Institute for Administrative Development To become the first institution of its kind in the Arab world, which has become responsible for the areas of administrative development in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and to extend its activities to the entire Arab region.

The experience showed the extent of the close association of the educational process with the training activity necessary to create and develop the administrative cadres, which necessitated the necessity of adding the distinguished educational educational activity as the basis for a specialized training activity, which necessitated the development of the institute, and then the Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences was established.

Which was established in March 1981 by Republican Decree No. 172 of 1981 as an independent scientific body aimed at developing management in all fields at the national level ...., which focuses on the areas of training, education, consulting, research, and information, then Republican Decision No. (30) was issued For the year 2004 regarding the reorganization of the Academy.

The Academy consists of: Faculty of Administrative Sciences (Cairo / Port Said / Mansoura / Alexandria), which awards bachelors degrees in management sciences, diplomas, master's and doctoral degrees.

The Academy also includes several specialized centers, namely:

  • Training Center.
  • Research and Information Center.

The Academy is spread geographically in several regions:

  • Academy Branch, Alexandria Governorate.
  • The Academy branch in Port Said Governorate (to serve the Canal's districts in Egypt).
  • The Academy branch in the middle of the Delta includes two branches in Tanta, Gharbia Governorate, and Dikirnis, Dakahlia Governorate.
  • The Academy branch in Assiut Governorate (to serve the southern valley regions in Egypt).
  • Academic branch in Minia Governorate.

Each branch carries out all the activities of the Academy, including training, education, consulting, research, and information, each within its geographical scope.

And based on the main academic activity (training - education - consulting - research and information) more than two hundred permanent faculty members with doctoral degrees in various areas of management, and close to three hundred of the teaching staff assisting them from the assistant teachers (holders of master's degree) The teaching assistants (bachelor degree holders).

This is in contrast to the General Secretariat (Financial Affairs, Administrative Affairs, and Technical Affairs), in which the number of permanent employees exceeds four hundred.

This is in contrast to the fact that the Academy uses in its programs experts who are not permanent and distinguished from all disciplines, from faculty members in Egyptian universities and academies, and from experts of governmental organizations and business organizations with performance excellence.

The training reinforces the role of the academy and a major focus of its activity through the training center, which has kept pace with the history of the establishment of this prestigious organization.

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  • Academic Undergraduate

    • Faculty of Administrative Sciences

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Economics Arabic Language Division
      International Business Management IBM English Language Division
      Banking Management - Business Administration Arabic Language Division
      Business Information Systems BIS English Language Division
      Actuarial Sciences Arabic Language Division
      Accounting Arabic Language Division
      Marketing and E-commerce - Business Administration Arabic Language Division
      Financing and Investment - Business Administration Arabic Language Division
      Management Information Systems Arabic Language Division
      Human Resources Management Arabic Language Division
      Managing Petroleum Facilities and Energy - Business Administration Arabic Language Division
      Public and Local Administration Arabic Language Division