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Heliopolis University - Sekem University

Prof. Ibrahim Abouleish (1937 – 2017) founded SEKEM in 1977, an initiative which fosters sustainable development towards a future where every human being can unfold their individual potential, where mankind lives together in social forms reflecting human dignity, and where all economic activities are conducted in accordance with ecological and ethical principles.

As part of his vision, Prof. Abouleish established Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development in 2009; the first university in the Middle East declaring sustainable development as its main guiding principal.

Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development was inaugurated in 2012 with the aim to pioneer the introduction of the concepts and principles of sustainable development to its students and to the Egyptian community at large.

The non-profit oriented university includes the faculties of Engineering, Pharmacy , Business and Economics, Physical Therapy, and Organic Agriculture. The degree programs offered at Heliopolis University address the concepts and theories of sustainable development through a multi-disciplinary holistic approach that integrates teaching, learning, research, and practice. In addition, all students participate in the cross-faculty Core Program which presents arts, music, theater, languages and much more, striving to unlock creativity and innovation. The program further enriches the learning experience by focusing on sustainability and human development.

  • E-learning - .
  • Medical Services - Heliopolis Medical Center is located within the Heliopolis University campus in the the Faculty of Physical Therapy. The center provides medical and dental services, physical therapy, nutrition and health care education, first aid and BLS training. The emergency and dental services are provided to Heliopolis students, staff members, and employees. The physical therapy clinics are open to all those in addition to the public as well. All units are well equipped to manage regular and emergency cases. Well-equipped ambulance is available to serve emergency cases. The center has a service contract with a major hospital at Al-Obour district nearby the University campus for case referral whenever needed. Sekem Medical Center ensures the supplies for the clinic and the ambulance and supervises the clinic nurses as well. A medical checkup is arranged for all Heliopolis University students on admission and a medical data file is kept at the center for further follow-up.
  • Sport Facilities - Ping pong tables, outdoor track and field.
  • Gym - Aerobics and fitness classes.
  • Accommodation - .
  • Campus Facilities - The campus of Heliopolis University is uniquely green and beautiful and has been designed for a healthy, inspirational, creative and innovative campus life. From the onset, Heliopolis University developed a sustainable campus practice by increased use of solar power, waster water treatment for irrigation as well as conscious waste management and recycling. The unique atmosphere combined with technology-equipped facilities invites students and faculty members to interact and to constantly work on self-development and careers.

  • Academic Undergraduate

    • Faculty of Engineering

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Water Engineering NA 5 52500
      Energy Engineering NA 5 52500
      Mechatronics NA 5 52500
      Green Architecture NA 5 52500
    • Faculty of Business and Economics

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Business Administration NA 4 45000
      Economics NA 4 45000
    • Faculty of Pharmacy

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Biochemistry and Biotechnology NA 5 78000
      Microbiology and Public Health NA 5 78000
      Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants NA 5 78000
      Pharmacy Practice NA 5 78000
      Pharmacology and Toxicology NA 5 78000
      Pharmaceutical Chemistry NA 5 78000
      Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology NA 5 78000
    • Faculty of Physical Therapy

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Basic Sciences and Biomechanics NA 5 62000
      Physical Therapy for Internal Medicine and Neurology NA 5 62000
      Physical Therapy for Women Health and Pediatrics NA 5 62000
      Physical Therapy for Orthopedics and Surgery NA 5 62000
    • Faculty of Organic Agriculture

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Organic Crop Production NA 4 35000
      Food Processing Technology NA 4 35000