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Institute of National Planning INP

And to confirm the role of the institute in supporting comprehensive development in Egypt since its foundation, the institute was provided with the necessary human and material capabilities and sent many study missions to all parts of the world to obtain degrees in various disciplines. The institute also brought in leading experts in the world in the field of development and planning to transfer expertise And knowledge of the Institute, and there are many areas of cooperation with international organizations of the United Nations, and many scientific institutes in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The institute was also provided with technological capabilities by the standards of the times at the time, as the institute had the honor and prestige of the first computer in Egypt in 1960.

Through his busy career of more than five decades, the Institute has made important additions and contributions in its fields of work and core tasks. The Ministry of Planning participated in the preparation of various development plans and strategies, in the evaluation, selection and study of major projects, as well as supporting the plan's efforts in dealing with important aspects of development such as: regional development, slums study, environmental and sustainability issues, gender planning, trade and navigation cooperation between basin countries The Nile, regional and international economic cooperation, developing national accounts, and others. The institute also cooperates with the Ministry of Planning in carrying out important research projects.