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Higher Institute of Computer Science and Information Systems - Fifth Settlement


Our mission:

Enabling graduates to appear at a level of scientific and theoretical skills in computer science with knowledge of available technologies and technologies.

Explore the principles that support developments in a rapidly changing area.

Providing opportunities for students to understand a wide range of computer science research challenges.

Professional development professionals are able to play a leadership role in many different commercial, industrial, and academic activities and quickly adapt to changing technology.

Preparing students for the social, organizational and professional context in which they will rise.

The ability to apply standards of professional conduct and all labor legislation and ethics.

Acquire effective communication skills and interactions with others.

Create a cultural background in different knowledge.

Improve the administrative and technical performance of students and practitioners within the program and in the external community and the labor market.

Acquire various problem-solving skills in the workplace.

Understanding the nature of theoretical and practical foundations in the fields of administration, accounting, computer application, economics and statistics in a way that serves his work in the field of management information systems.

Acquire aspects of professional and managerial accounting and accounting skills of all kinds.

Understand recent trends in the job market.

Linking what has been learned from theoretical foundations to practical application in a way that suits the requirements of the labor market.

Understand recent trends in different fields of work.