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Higher Institute of Computer Science and Management Technology - Sohag


Duration of study: 4 academic years.

Qualifications he accepts:

1- General secondary school with its two divisions and the equivalent Arab and foreign certificates.

2- Commercial secondary (3-5 years).

3- Technical Secondary for Administration and Services

4- Industrial Secondary (3-5) years.

5- Diploma of industrial technical institutes.

6- Diploma in commercial technical institutes).

7- Diploma of management and secretarial institutes.


“Students who hold a diploma in commercial technical institutes (Division of Information Systems and Computer Science) are admitted to the second year of the Division of Management Information Systems only, with the student downloading the general management course materials, the basics of structural programming and the insurance section of the mathematics and insurance course.


The degree granted by him: Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems.

Construction Resolution: (1144) on 12/8/1996, then the Computer Division was upgraded to Administrative Information Systems by Resolution No. (1705) on 11/12/2001.

Equivalence Decision: - The Supreme Council of Universities Decision No. (347) was issued on October 17, 2017 to renew the equivalency of the bachelor’s degree in management information systems granted by the Higher Institute for Computer Science and Management Technology - Sohag - c. - with a bachelor’s degree in management information systems Granted by Egyptian universities subject to the Law of Universities Regulation No. 49 of 1972 and its executive regulations from faculties of commerce.