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New Cairo Technological University NCTU

The desired training and educational system focuses mainly on the student , encourage the critical thinking , and aims to produce technologically and highly qualified graduates. In order to achieve that vision the Egyptian government has adopted ambitious plans and programs in the fields of education , training, and human resources to improve graduates performance and raise the national income to raise the citizen standard of living.
In this context, the ministry of higher education and scientific research has stipulated a law to establish Technological Universities in Egypt , which aim to develop technological and technical education in Egypt in parallel with the academic path . These universities grant the graduates academic degrees starting with upper intermediate higher diploma , technological bachelor , as well as master’s and doctor’s degrees to meet the needs and requirements of the Egyptian market , particularly in needed human resources for technical plans and economic development of the state.

·        Creating a new integrated approach of the applied and technological education and training that is in parallel with academic education course. The graduates of this new approach are to obtain academic degrees ranging from above average diploma to bachelor and finally to high studies.

·        Applying and using technology on behalf of the community and qualifying the graduates of secondary and technical education to meet the needs of labor market including human and technological resources needed for the requirements of the country’s social and economic development plans. In addition, the graduates’ qualification is intended to help improving the community profile of technical education.

·        Providing a technological education introducing integrated educational and training services of an international quality and allowing for the shaping of a graduate who is able to compete in local, regional and international labor markets.

·        Preparing technologists who will have the ability to continue learning and to shift flexibly between the sub-disciplines. In addition, they will have the potential to join the labor market and return to study after having the suitable scientific training and practice in accordance with the corresponding levels of the national qualifications framework.

·        Establishing strategic partnerships with the education and training institutions of the public and private sectors.

·        Participating with the public and private sectors in education and training to provide the specialized technical human resources.

·        Providing technical assistance and administrative advice in the field of education and training for the public and private sectors.

·        Participating in the membership of regional and international organizations, bodies and institutions concerned with education and training.

·        Providing its views on the systems, regulations and decisions related to education, training, and proposing what is necessary for their development.

·        Providing consultancy and technical support to institutions and individuals.

·        Preparing studies on the labor market and its needs.