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Workers University

The Workers University is one of the universities specialized in technology development and industrial relations in Egypt. It is one of the most important Egyptian universities concerned with technological development and international quality workshops, and it is also the only academy that gives its students practical training in factories. The university curriculum also contains the international quality system. Its students also study how to apply and develop international quality certificates such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, for students of production technology (Bachelor of Quality Control) only.


The university receives students with an Egyptian general secondary certificate or an intermediate diploma, and its graduates are granted a bachelor’s degree approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education in the fields of quality control and business management.


The labor university consists of a main headquarters in Nasr City, Cairo, and 13 branches located in the governorates and cities of Egypt.

The study consists of two stages:

Two academic years for whom a passing diploma is above average, with a technological development specializing in mechanics or electricity for the Technological Development Division, or a diploma above the average specializing in industrial relations

The student obtains a bachelor’s degree in quality control or a Bachelor’s in Business Administration after passing a period of study determined at the university, which is four academic years

The academic year is divided into a semester system or two sections with two separate exams, to which a degree resulting from the academic activity is added, i.e. attendance rate and submitted research. This type of evaluation is called "work of the year".


The university is jointly held by male and female students, and the university is affiliated with the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions. And studying with expenses is not a free university but it is government, and the student has the right after the second year to enter the College of Engineering with a grade of excellence, according to coordination and some different colleges such as the Faculty of Specific Education and other higher institutes.