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Future University in Egypt FUE

One of the prominent private universities in Egypt. Founded in 2006, by the Presidential Decree 254/2006 according to law number 101/1992 and executive regulations 219/2002, Future University in Egypt is a leading private university strategically located in the heart of new Cairo. FUE is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research & service.

FUE is an educational institute committed to distinction, innovation and quality standards. FUE’s priority is to stay abreast with the national, regional and international changes taking place in the interrelated fields of education, scientific research and community development, while consolidating values and professional ethics.

We provide a creative, nurturing campus environment where our students can realize their potential, can learn from the best and most talented faculty staff, and can go on to make a positive difference after they graduate.

We offer a rich and rewarding educational experience to all who choose to focus on excellence.

  • Theater - Designed in line with the main administrative building standards, the two-floor university theater accommodates 300 people and is used for a variety of purposes. Primarily, the theater is used to host renowned guest speakers who visit FUE and usually give presentations to academic staff, administrative staff and even students. Other purposes for the theater use include giving workshops, forums, honoring FUE staff for outstanding performances as well as musical and acting auditions not to mention rehearsals.
  • Libraries - The FUE Bookstore is owned and operated by the university as part of the FUE central library. It was established to serve the text book needs of the FUE Students. The FUE Bookstore deliver the highest quality of services to FUE students, faculty, and staff, including photocopying and tools needed for students of Faculty of Engineering & Technology in addition to all stationary.
  • Accommodation - The university provides safe and comfortable accommodations for students who choose to live in the university’s housing. The university provides twenty-four hour security and support services, including access to medical attention, when needed, laundry and dry cleaning services, and internet access.
  • Medical Services - The university offers medical service to all members of the university though medical care and clinic. Professional doctors and nurses carry out urgent medical treatment and advice during university working hours. The university clinic is located on the first floor of the services building and qualified doctors and nurses offer professional medical services and emergency treatment to all students and staff, as well as arranging the transfer of complicated cases to hospitals.
  • Sport Facilities - FUE’s boxing ring is designed according to professional measurements and standards. The ring is approximately 610 cm in width, 610 cm in width (inner space) and 85 cm in width (perimeter). The ring is available on campus and is used for training and professional boxing matches. There seems to be a growing interest in boxing, this is evident in the number of students who are in the process of joining the boxing team. This fact may be explained in terms of the on-campus presence of the boxing ring.
  • Food Court - At the university food court, students can socialize, relax, have a meal, or simply enjoy a short break with their colleagues. The cafeterias offer hot and cold drinks as well as sandwiches and snacks.
  • Gym - Funenergy gym.
  • ATM and Banking Services - A branch of the Commercial International Bank (CIB) is located on campus, providing students with convenient financial services, special student packages, including the opening of a youth account, and the International Student Identity Card. The bank also offers loans to parents to help them cover tuition fees for the education of their children.
  • Workshops - Open-air art workshop.
  • Learning Centers - Psychological center.
  • Museums - Architectural museum is an exhibition room located in the fourth floor in engineering building “A”. This room is devoted for exhibiting outstanding student’s projects in the form of panels and/or physical models. These outstanding projects are selected from the products of different courses from all semesters.
  • Transportation - For the safety and comfort of university students and staff, the university uses a modern fleet of buses, including the latest Mercedes models. Current available models are: New 400 model 2015 with air conditioning and a capacity to carry fifty passengers. R 250 model 2015 with air condition and a capacity to carry thirty-three passengers.
  • Arts - The art room is set up to accommodate the needs of our artistic students. It constitutes the meeting place for artistic students that paint, sculpt, potter, etc. …. The Room comprises round tables, easels, potter wheels. The material needed to create the various types of artwork is supplied. Supplies include paint, clay, metal, etc.
  • Campus Facilities - Study and social space includes group study rooms, social computer lab, social open area and gym. Religious life; though not a religious university in any way, FUE designates prayer locations for those interested in observing their practice. The University holds a liberal attitude towards religious people of different religions and faiths.

  • Academic Undergraduate

    • Faculty of Engineering & Technology

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Architectural Engineering NA 5 11500
      Biomedical Engineering NA 5 11500
      Electrical Engineering NA 5 11500
      Structural Engineering and Construction Management NA 5 11500
      Mechanical Engineering NA 5 11500
      Petroleum Engineering NA 5 13100
    • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmaceutical Industries

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Pharmaceutical Chemistry NA 5 13300
      Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology NA 5 13300
      Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy NA 5 13300
      Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants NA 5 13300
      Pharmacology,Toxicology and Biochemistry NA 5 13300
      Microbiology and Immunology NA 5 13300
    • Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Prosthodontics NA 5 16300
      Oral Medicine, Periodontology, Diagnosis and Oral Radiology NA 5 16300
      Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery NA 5 16300
      Oral Biology and Oral Pathology NA 5 16300
      Conservative Dentistry NA 5 16300
      Orthodontics and Pedodontics NA 5 16300
      Supplementary General Sciences NA 5 16300
    • Faculty of Economics & Political Science

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Public Administration NA 4 9760
      Economics NA 4 9760
      Political Science NA 4 9760
      Political Mass Media NA 4 9760
    • Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Management Information Systems NA 4 9760
      Accounting NA 4 9760
      Marketing NA 4 9760
      Finance NA 4 9760
      Human Resources Management NA 4 9760
    • Faculty of Computers & Information Technology

      Name Description Years Of Study Number Of Semesters Fee In USD Fee In EGP
      Computer Science NA 4 9760
      Information Systems NA 4 9760
      Digital Media Technology NA 4 9760