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Higher Institute of Marketing, Trade and Information Systems - First Settlement

The educational system of the Higher Institute for Marketing, Trade and Information Systems is structured in three main components: developing skills, maximizing knowledge and constantly improving the quality of the educational process to produce distinguished students who are qualified to adapt to the needs of the labor market inside and outside Egypt through three specializations that these markets need, namely, local and international marketing and electronic commerce. Through the Marketing Division and allocates the required accounting in all aspects of economic activity through the Accounting Division and the specialization of information systems that accompanies every development in the information and technology revolution at all levels through the Information Systems Division and all specializations help to increase the competitive capabilities of the graduates of the same institute in the local and Arab labor markets And international. It also contributes to developing the economy and society and increasing its competitive capabilities due to the distinguished role played by the distinguished education and distinguished graduate and an effective contribution in this field.

The institute is located in a privileged location in an upscale area of ​​the first assembly areas in New Cairo and all means of transportation are available that connect students easily and conveniently to the door of the institute in the shortest possible time and it is characterized by the splendor of urban design and the halls and terraces where all modern education means and computer labs are available to a sophisticated as well as A modern library includes the latest Arab and foreign references and distinguished faculty members, all of which are attractive ingredients for receiving an increasing number of students who make direct application or transfer or through the coordination office as determined by the Ministry of Higher Education that the institute is subject to supervising, approving its results and equating its certification through it. It should be noted that the distinguished graduates of the institute have proven their superiority and excellence through the jobs they have joined and through their enrollment in postgraduate studies to obtain a master's and doctorate degree from the corresponding colleges in ancient Egyptian universities.

Through its ambitious project, the Institute seeks to achieve excellence through its qualification and preparation at the present time to obtain a certificate of accreditation and quality from the National Authority for Accreditation and Quality.

The institute’s administration has made a pledge to achieve the institute’s mission and strategic plan towards permanent and continuous excellence, seeking the help of God and determined to continue the march with all his desire and ability to seize success.