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Student Visa Requirements

International students who wish to study in Egypt, and have fulfilled the conditions of admission to one of its educational institutions, should start the procedures for obtaining a study visa in Egypt in a timely manner so that they do not miss the start of studies in the event of any delay in issuing the visa.


Egypt visa requirements

The requirements for obtaining an Egypt visa vary according to the applicant’s nationality and the length of study that the student needs in order to complete his studies and obtain the academic degree he wants. Therefore, students wishing to obtain a study visa in Egypt must communicate with their embassy offices to know the necessary procedures, and to ensure that all are followed The instructions provided by the embassies.


Types of entry visas Entry visa Foreigners coming to Egypt for study purposes must obtain this type of visa.

Pre-entry visa Students coming from the following countries must obtain a visa from the Egyptian embassy in their countries before their arrival in Egypt: Lebanon Iraq Algeria Morocco, West, sunset Iran Tunisia Palestine Morocco, West, sunset Libya Syria To whom International students must fill out the application for obtaining an entry visa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then send it with the necessary documents to one of Egypt's embassies or consulates in their country of residence. And they should inquire about the necessity of obtaining this visa before entering Egypt or the possibility of obtaining it upon arrival at the airport.

The documents needed to submit the application

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • Two personal photos on a white background.
  • Visa application and fees.
  • Evidence of financial resources to support the applicant during his stay in Egypt.
  • Evidence of having funding to purchase tickets back to the country of residence, or having these tickets.
  • Acceptance letter issued by the educational institution.
  • Medical evidence that the applicant is free of AIDS.

Some of the procedures required for issuing an entry visa may change, or additional documents are requested from the visitor for reasons related to the reason for his visit, and to learn more about this topic, you can visit our website to make sure of that.


If you decide to study in Egypt, it is not logical that the study visa in Egypt stops between you and your next destination, but always try to find out more information before applying for an Egypt visa and preparing all the required documents .. wishing you all the best.