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Judaea Hill Monuments

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Judea Hill is located about 3 km southeast of the city of Shebin al-Qanater in Qalyubia. The reason for naming the place with this name is due to a group of Jews who fled from the persecution of the king of Syria "Amenhotep IV" and asked for safety from the King of Egypt "Ptolemy the Fifth" so they were allowed to enter the Egyptian lands, and they settled Their caravan was led by their religious leader "Onias" in that area which was called the Pharaonic ages Ra. Hor. Moheet. On, that is the city of Ra on the northern side of the current On "Ain Shams".

And that group was able to build a small temple on a part of the Pharaonic temple, and the name subsequently spread over the whole area of ​​Judaism Hill, and there is another account that the Jewish women had a firm belief in the issue of the blessing of the place and its ability to solve the problem of non-reproduction.