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Zaranik Reserve and Lake Bardawil

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The Zaranik Nature Reserve is located in the eastern part of Lake Bardawil, about 25 km west of the city of Al-Arish and covers about 250 square kilometers. It is bordered on the north by the Mediterranean coast, on the south by the Al-Arish - Qantara road, and on the east by the tourist development areas that extend from Al-Arish to the west, and to the west by Bardawil Lake.

 Since the beginning of the seventies, interest in the Zaranik region began as a wetland of international importance for migratory birds, and since then Zaranik has gained wide popularity and has become a center for receiving tourists, researchers and those interested in the environment. The Zaranik region contains unique examples of the Mediterranean basin environments. One of the main keys to bird migration in the world is the Zaranik Nature Reserve and the Bardawil Marsh in North Sinai, where the region represents a crucial station to provide food and comfort for migratory birds from Europe and Asia on her way to Africa in pursuit of food sources and to escape the winter frosts. In the spirit of preserving these important components, Al- Zaranik declared a natural reserve by the decision of the Prime Minister No. 1429 of 1985 in accordance with the provisions of Law 102 of 1983 regarding natural reserves.