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Saint Catherine Mountains

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St. Catherine is distinguished by its high mountains and its valleys,  nature lovers come toenjoy it and to enjoy hiking all days of the year as in summer the temperature is less than Cairo for example by 10 degrees, due to the rise of St. Catherine above sea level, and in winter it is covered with snow in a wonderful view that is rarely is in Egypt.

Saint Catherine has some eco-friendly lodges that you can stay over and enjoy.

From the mountains of Saint Catherine, Mount Safsafah, Mount Abbas, Jabal al-Rabah, Mount Saint Catherine, Jabal Musa and Jabal al-Dak, Mount Girls, Mount Na'aga, Black Mountain, Umm Shomer Mountain, and Red Mountain

Among the most famous places is  Abu Jifah, from which it is permissible to reach Wadi Jbal, Wadi Al Arbaeen, Abbas Mountains and Bab Al Dunya.

The valleys are characterized by the presence of figs, berries, pomegranate, grapes and gardens for the townspeople.