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Nubia Museum

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Tourism in Egypt is staggeringly diverse in its patterns. Perhaps the best evidence of this is the Nubia Museum, which is one of the most distinguished and popular tourist attractions in Aswan from the world's tourists. This museum displays a very special and important aspect of the ancient Nubian civilization, which is sister to the ancient Egyptian civilization.


Created by the Egyptian architect Mahmoud al-Hakim, he transmitted in all honesty and ability the authentic Nubian spirit and vocabulary of life in a way that stunned the world using the surrounding environmental rocks, and inspired by prehistoric caves with primitive inscriptions, models from the Nubian House with its artistic touches, inscriptions and bright colors.


He was also keen on the presence of touches from the different civilizations that passed by, so the minaret expresses the Islamic civilization, and the numerous holdings that shed light on the lives of ancient Nubians such as pottery, small statues of burnt silt, and many coins and bronze vessels, and the old Nubian civilization is still a concern Researchers in many countries of the world.