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Pharaonic Village

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You will get the best experience of art and history here. As you will enter the place, you will be lost in the beauty of the place depicting the history of Egypt. You will also find Hellenistic Museum here along with a replica of the Tomb of Tutankhamun. One can also catch hold of ancient art here. You can relive the history of Egypt in this village, which is counted amongst the best attractions in Giza.

There’s no shortage of culture in Giza, with every exhibition and museum hell-bent on teaching tourists all about the history of Egypt. This village has replicas of King Tut’s tombs, an experiential village, where visitors can learn and experience what life was like in ancient Egyptian times.

Not to mention, it’s not just about ancient history: from time to time the village also has photo exhibitions of more recent affairs, with plenty of dioramas available and depictions of recent political events.