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Manial Palace

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After a period of years of restoration, this palace complex, which was built by King Farouk's uncle, Prince Muhammad Ali, in the early twentieth century, once again threw its doors to the public. Its interiors and architecture are a wonderful fusion of Ottoman, Moroccan, Persian and European Rococo styles, while the gardens are planted with rare tropical plants collected by the prince.

You can enter the grounds through the reception palace, with the large halls to welcome guests decorated with tiles, chandeliers and carved ceilings. In the residential palace, check out the blue salon, where the leather sofas sit on the walls, decorated with exquisite blue porcelain tiles and oriental oil paintings. Then head to the Palace of the Throne to get the flashy golden design in the Throne Hall, the attractive rococo and the extra baroque in the Aubusson Room. Even the Manial Mosque (with a roof inspired by the Rococo) and the clock tower (based on the design of the Moroccan minaret in the Almohad era) is an impressive network of influences.