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The cave of Djara, which is located in the Egyptian Western Desert, is the most magnificent thing that a human eye has fallen in the Africa region in general and the north in particular, and it is located near the dunes of Abu Muharraq sand near an ancient trail of caravans connecting the Farafra oasis in the Western Desert to Assiut in Upper Egypt, and the cave of Djara on the twenty-fourth of December of 1873 at the hands of the German explorer (Gerha Red Rolfs) during his journey that he recorded in his book (Three Months in the Libyan Desert) in which the goal was to reach the oasis (Libyan Alkafara), and that was when his guide led him on the trip To a place called the neighbor, and it has a cave characterized by what is geologically called sediments of stalagmites and stalactites.