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Wadi Al Sebou Temple

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Wadi al-Sabou or Wadi al-Aswad (called because of the ram road leading to a temple) is the site of two modern Egyptian temples, including a temple built by the Pharaoh of Nineteenth Dynasty Ramses II in Lower Nubia. The first temple was built by the Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty Amenhotep III and later restored by Ramses II. In its first stage, the temple consisted of a rock shelter (about 3 meters in two meters) in front of a brick edifice, hall, and a hall partially painted with frescoes. The temple may have been dedicated to one of the local Nubian forms of Horus, but it was changed to Amun later. During the Amarna period, images of Amun were attacked and the decorations deteriorated, but Ramses II rebuilt and expanded the Temple of Amenhotep III by building structures in front of the edifice.