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Monastery of the Valley

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The Valley village "Deir al-Wadi" has traces dating back to the Islamic and Coptic era. Deir al-Wadi in the Sinai stage, the most beautiful monasteries discovered in Sinai, it is truly a unique architectural masterpiece and is located in the village of the valley, which is 6 km north of the city of Tor Sinai, and adjacent to it is 200 meters from a well of fresh water called the Yahya well 3 km away, and there is at the library of the Monastery of Saint Catherine, a piece of parchment (leather) states that (the architect who established the Monastery of Saint Catherine built first the Church of St. Athanasius, the Monastery of Raya and the Church on top of the Mount of Salvation, then the Monastery of Tor Sinai).

What is meant by the Monastery of Raya here is the monastery located in the ancient city of Raythe (Tor Sinai), which is The Monastery of the Valley in Tor Sinai which was built during the reign of Emperor Justinian in the sixth century AD.