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New Suez Canal

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There is no doubt that the Suez Canal represents an important tourist landmark for Ismailia guests, especially the new Suez Canal, which was opened in August 2015, and it is located in parallel with the old course at a distance of 72 km from the wind region northwest of Ismailia to the area of ​​Al-Dafswar, south of the channel, and it is subject to the supervision of the Suez Canal Authority and her visit requires approval from the authority, which provides the launches for the trip. This is done with trips and delegations, the trip starts from the Al-Danfah Club in number 6, do not forget, when you are in the new Suez Canal, to visit the New Ismailia, and the tunnels of the Suez Canal, which is a giant project that was opened recently to reach the east and west of the canal in a period of no more than 10 minutes.