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Tawila Island

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Tawila Island is located in El Gouna, Egypt. It contains sandy beaches and very beautiful blue waters to see all the features of the water and its masterpieces submerged beneath its surface, in addition to the presence of dolphin fish that swim beside you on the beach.

Tawila Island is considered one of the quietest beaches in El Gouna, and you can see all that is under the surface of the water and feel the presence of fish and coral reefs under your foot while swimming, as well as the presence of dolphin fish near you is considered a wonderful thing as well.

You can also enjoy many interesting water games such as diving, snorkeling and many water activities that you can do on the beach of Tawila Island in El Gouna. You can also enjoy the best foods in the most luxurious restaurants on the beach to enjoy the beauty of the scenic nature and a sense of relaxation.