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Corniche Fuwwah

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Fuwwah, an Egyptian city named after the City of Mosques, it is located in the far north of Egypt, and it belongs to the governorate of Kafr El Sheikh administratively, and the city is the capital of the center of Fuwwah. Fuwwah is located to the far north of the center of the delta and overlooks the Rashid branch, one of the two branches of the Nile River. Away from Cairo, 181 km to the north, and Alexandria to 98 km to the east.

The city of Fuwwah is the third city in the Islamic monuments after Fatimid Cairo, and the city of Rashid in the north of the Nile Delta, and it is the second city that has archaeological mosques after the city of Cairo, it is a member of the Museum without Borders organization, within four sites in Egypt which are Cairo, Alexandria, Rashid and Fuwwah, which is Member of the Organization of Islamic Cities, which includes 365 archaeological mosques, Robaa Khatibeh, Altakia Alkhulutia, spinning and weaving factories, carpet making, Jublin and linen, and includes a number of the remains of the Tarabish factory.