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Salt Cave is the place that meets your needs and more ... It is located in the Bedouin village, 7 km west of the city of Matrouh on the road to Salloum, a haven for calm and positive energy. It is used to treat many diseases such as asthma, allergies and sinusitis, as it helps to get rid of some skin diseases. Salt Cave is a pure place because it is free of a large degree of chemical pollutants and designed to mimic the natural caves, and its floor is covered with natural rock salt .. The interior colors of this salt building are calm and designed by color-treatment experts chosen on a scientific basis to help relax. Steam is blown out of salt by being heated by electric lamps, thereby opening the pores of the skin and stimulating blood circulation. You can sleep some time on the floor while your body covers the quantities of coarse salt to provide your body with the energy derived from it naturally or sit with your hand in a hand a handful of coarse salt and do yoga ... worth trying