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Nubian Village

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The Nubian village was able to be a factor in attracting tourism in Aswan through its distinction by providing a vivid and realistic picture of Nubian life, as Nubian civilization often differed from the ancient Egyptian civilization in the way of life and the distinct character of clothing and food, the design and decoration of homes, and the use of surrounding environment materials in building their homes To achieve total harmony with it, and to provide a healthy, refreshing and self-conditioned atmosphere away from the heat that is the character of the country, so it deserves to be included in the tourist places in Egypt.


These simple things will attract you deeply, and you will be happy to spend a wonderful time in the company of a hospitable, well-connected people, welcoming its guests, trying Nubian clothes, famous Nubian food, handicrafts and craftsmanship. For them, hygiene is a way of life.