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Sehel Island

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The island of Suhail located in the south of Aswan Governorate is considered one of the places of tourism in Aswan, as it is the address of beauty and elegance when the beauty of charming nature meets with the mystery of the past surrounded by curiosity and passion, which attracts Egyptian lovers to discover more secrets that baffle the world until now, and is tempted to take memorial photos.


A great landmark on the island of Suhail is the Nubian village, which dates back to ancient Egypt, and was a source of granite that was used in the construction of temples and obelisks.


Among the most important monuments in Aswan, located on the island, is the Famine Panel, a huge mural on which the hieroglyphic language was engraved with a story of the country being subjected to drought and famine due to the lack of flooding of the Nile, which was considered anger by the gods.