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The High Dam is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Aswan, and this huge construction is beside the greatness of its design and its importance, it tells the story of the struggle of the Egyptian people to achieve a dream, and the biggest challenge faced the Egyptian revolution in 1952, in addition to being considered the largest engineering building at the level of The world in the twentieth century.

The importance of the High Dam is due to its role in protecting the country from the severe flooding of the Nile River, which was threatening the country every year, flooding hundreds of villages, and in a few years the country was subject to drought and planting crops, and the solution was to build the High Dam, which trapped huge quantities of flood water to be the largest artificial lake known to man, so that water can be released in a way through holes in the body of the dam, as an industrial waterfall runs dozens of turbines to generate electricity, from which it runs dozens of factories and lights hundreds of villages.

Therefore, it was not strange that the High Dam was one of the tourist places in Aswan, which the tourist seeks to get to know the biggest human achievement that took place during the twentieth century, and the surrounding landscape is very impressive, as can be combined with visiting the dam and visiting the Philae Temple on the island of Ajilika.