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Umm Al-Hwaitat and Al-Nasr Village (Safaga Desert)

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Safaga is considered one of the cities located in the desert desert region, as it covers most of the areas with sand as it is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Therefore, it is one of the cities with fertile climate to establish adventure tourism and safari. Most of the tourists go to the desert to camp and indulge in group safari tours


The villages of Umm Al-Huwaytat and Al-Nasr are among the most famous villages with this type of tourism, where the village of Umm Al-Huwaytat surrounds the phosphate mountains, which are 26 km southwest of the Safaga mines, while the village of Al-Nasr is 85 km away from Safaga - Qena and the indigenous people live The city is undoubtedly the two villages one of the most attractive villages for tourism.