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The height of the mountain extends to more than two thousand two hundred and eighty meters above the ground level, as it is considered one of the most suitable places for climbing, and you can reach it through two roads that take about four hours to climb to its summit, either through the "monks" path through stone stairs that reach The number is about three thousand five hundred degrees, and through your use of that road you will pass through the Church of "Virgin Mary" and the arches of "Stephanos", or you can go up to it through the path of "beauty" or as it is known by the way "Abbas Pasha" which was ordered to pave the Khedive "Abbas" and it was called In the path of beauty in relation to the presence of the beauty in it that helps you in its climb, and in case you choose that path, you will walk along the wall of the Monastery of St. Catherine in addition to your passage in the "Farsh of the Prophet Elijah" area in which you begin to go up to the mountain with abandoning the beauty that they used in the beginning .