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Elephantine Island

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Elephantine Island is considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Aswan, and it also has historical and strategic importance as it was the most important border forts of the country, as it was the link between Egypt and its neighbor in Sudan, and an important commercial center.

Its name is due to the ancient Egyptian language (Abu), which means the elephant, either because it was the center of ivory trade, or because the island takes the form of elephant tusk as some have suggested, and the island had a deity, the god "Khnum" in the form of a ram's head.

Elephantine Island has a unique geographical location and stunning natural scenery carried by the Nile River, which brings together many of the tourist attractions in Aswan with the beauty and successive history from different eras, where the tourist enjoys visiting Thutmose III temples from the ancient state, the temple of Khnum, Avonis III, and the Greek Roman necropolis, And many of the effects on the island.