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Mount Naqus

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Mount Naqus in the Sinai, which contains many ancient Greek and Arabic inscriptions, and its name was derived from a natural phenomenon. Whenever it came down on the foot of the sand, it had a sound like the sound of the bell, because the sand passes through hollow rocks in the ground and this sound occurs.

Beside many civilizational sites in the Sinai stage that confirm civilizational coexistence, including the Naqus Mountain, which is 13 km northwest of the city, 10 km north of Mount Hammam Musa, and overlooks the Gulf of Suez, a mountain of sedimentary sand rocks exploited by Christian pilgrims and Arab commercial caravans as a place to rest and provide food and during that they engraved their memories and their names I called them on separate parts of this mountain, and Christian inscriptions in Arabic with Arabic inscriptions in Kufic script on the same rock crossed them to cross them together in safety for these methods. The Qur'anic verses and the text of the testimony and prayer on the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, asked for forgiveness and mercy with Christian prayers and asked for forgiveness.