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Kilani Hill

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Kilani Hill "Tel al-Kilani" area in the Sinai stage witnessed the most wonderful pages of civilizational coexistence between religions as a model for civilizational coexistence throughout Egypt, which is pronounced by the facts of history and archaeological discoveries. And the West, as well as the transportation of supplies from the port of El-Tor to the Monastery of Saint Catherine and back, via the Wadi Habran road, as well as serving Muslim pilgrims and Christian holy sites.

It includes a mosque from the era of Khedive Tawfiq, which was built by Christian workers, and the mosque includes the shrine of Sidi Al-Gilani, an area of ​​22 meters long by 12 meters wide.

It also includes a center for the monks of St. Catherine Monastery, which is the Monastery of St. George, adjacent to the Old Port, and includes a church and a resting place for the monks, and the church was built on the name of Saint George.