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The village of Abu Ramad is the oldest city of the Halayeb Triangle in which people live due to its proximity to the port of Aiadab, and it is the third area south of the Halayeb Triangle, which is about 125 km south of the city of Shalatin.

The village was famous for mining activity from the beginning of the year 1915, and the origin of the name is due to the ash left by phosphates in this region and from it came the name "Abu Ramad", a village that contains manganese metal that began its exploitation in 1956 by a private Egyptian company is a box mining company and continued until 1963 Before it was nationalized, it was replaced by Al-Nasr Phosphate Company.

Tribal, the village of Abu Ramad is the stronghold of Diyar, the tribe of "Al-Hamd Urab". The tribe has the land and the public in all regions of the Halayb Triangle from Shalatin in the north to the village of Ras Hadarba in the south.