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Nile Museum

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The Nile represents the lifeblood of Egypt, and the Greek historian “Herodotus” believed this when he said that “Egypt is the gift of the Nile.” Without the eternal river, Egypt would not have been a barren desert with no planting or water in it, and it would have been natural for the great Nile river sanctified by the ancient Egyptians, its own museum tells the history of ancient civilizations that lived along its banks, and the stories of the neighbors of the Nile Basin countries who linked the bonds of friendship and love between them and Egypt, which made the Nile Museum among the tourist attractions in Aswan that attract tourists from all countries of the world, especially from the sister Nile Basin countries.

The museum collects many traces of the ancient life of the Nile Basin countries, with indicative signs that tell a lot about the immortal river trip from its source in the plateau of the lakes and the Abyssinian Plateau (present-day Ethiopia) and until its surplus water is poured into the Mediterranean Sea, and the visitor also finds documentation of the water projects that were built on the riverbed from the early ages to the modern era, the exhibition organizers did not overlook the addition of artistic touches to the great Egyptian artists, as well as the addition of old murals that show the ancient Egyptian farmer and his work in the stages of planting and harvesting.