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Al-Hawa Dome

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Al-Hawa Dome "Qubbet el-Hawa" is the tombs of the nobles in the ancient era, and it was named after the “Ali Bin Al-Hawa” dome, which rises 180 meters.

These tombs linking antiquity through the middle ages and then modern are characterized by their special character in terms of design that starts with an ascending sandy path until reaching the entrance to the cemetery, which in turn leads to a hall with a number of granite columns, while the walls are decorated with wonderful colorful drawings that tell the daily life of the Egyptian man; From cultivating the land, sowing seeds, plowing and harvesting, and in the middle of the hall is a passage leading to the burial chamber.

The El-Hawa Dome has gained an important place within the archeology of Aswan, and is considered one of the tourist attractions in Aswan, which is preferred by fans and Egyptologists.