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Botanical Garden

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There is no doubt that the Botanical Island is one of the finest recreational places in Aswan, and it is a natural reserve built on an area of ​​17 acres divided into seven different plant areas, in each section a group of rare and perennial plants, where the atmosphere has been created appropriate for their growth in greenhouses. It includes 380 species of different plants, as it contains a group of fruits and tropical trees, medicinal and aromatic plants, ornamental plants, wood trees and spices.

Among the most enjoyable activities that attract the tourist are sailing on a wonderful Nile cruise to reach the island, enjoying the most amazing landscapes, palm trees that relax their branches on the Nile waters in a spectacular view, the reflection of the sun on the surface of the river, wandering in the paths prepared for walking to discover the island, and watching flowers and plants rare, colorful and exotic birds.