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Timsah Lake

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Lake Timsah, also known as Crocodile Lake, is a lake in Egypt on the Nile delta. It lies in a basin developed along a fault extending from the Mediterranean Sea to the Gulf of Suez through the Bitter Lakes region.

In 1800, a flood filled the Wadi Tumilat, which caused Timsah's banks to overflow and moved water south into the Bitter Lakes about nine miles (14 km) away. In 1862, the lake was filled with waters from the Red Sea.


Lake Timsah lies within a low ground that spans the isthmus between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The lowest points of the depression form shallow natural lakes, of which Timsah is one. The surface area of Lake Timsah covers 5.4 square miles Most of the lake is marshy and depth rarely exceeds 3 feet (1 metre).

It has been asserted that, in ancient times, Lake Timsah was the northern terminus of the Red Sea.