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Ferdinand De Lesseps House

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This rest house was established in the year 1859 AD by Ferdinand De Lesseps, who was born in France in 1805, and is from the DeLespes family with a long history in the French diplomatic corps. Where he was appointed consul of France in Egypt, which enabled him to know Egypt and familiarize himself with its people, customs and traditions.

The rest house consists of a rectangular area consisting of two floors, ground and first floors, and adjacent to it is another newer building but it is in the same style and inside the wide garden another large building is more modern and surrounds these buildings an iron wall interspersed with columns in the southwestern facade and a solid wall in the northeastern facade and a wall another topped with an iron fence with intersected columns on the southwestern side.

The lounge is built of limestone (dabbash), while the upper floor is mostly made of wood in the ceilings, floors, walls and beams that hold the roof.

The lounge consists of the interior of the reception hall, which is a square room. This room has six doors, two of which overlook the southeastern façade, and two open onto the back garden. As for the fifth and sixth, one leads to the holdings room, the other to the main entrance, and two small doors at the end of the entrance hall.

As for the upper floor, we go up to it with a wooden staircase with wooden handrails that leads the stairs to a rectangular area to the right of it. A door opens to the upper porch and a door opens to a small balcony topped by a trussian ceiling. To the left there are roads leading to the bedrooms. This road has three windows in the north and east side.

The upper floor consists of three rooms, each of which is an entrance to another adjacent room.