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Galala Mountain

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Mount Galala is located close to Ain Sukhna, which is a great mountain range from the mountains of the Red Sea located in the east of Egypt, west of the Red Sea, and is met in the eastern side of it by the Hijaz Mountains within the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It descends steeply towards the Red Sea coast and gradually towards the interior towards the Nile Valley, and it started at Ain Sukhna where there is the northern Galala mountain range with a shortest height of 1223 meters, then the mountain range extends south where the southern Galala mountain range has a maximum height of 1472 meters.

And between them lies a valley called Wadi Araba, which many scholars in the history of Egypt think is the place from which the Prophet of God, Moses, crossed with his people upon their departure from Egypt.

This mountain range consists of ancient Turkish rocks with a lot of mineral veins and limestone rocks Abu Sinnia There are also among these mountains some other valleys, including Wadi Abu Rasis, Wadi Amlouj, Wadi Naot and Wadi Horus.

There is also near the eastern Mount Galala, a mountain called Jabal al-Toqa, 800 meters above sea level, and it has religious significance, and many Arab and foreign tourists come to visit it, and there is near the Shuwaiba Valley and Huguland Valley, and in the place there are hot sulfur water springs that were behind the name of the region in Ain Sokhna.