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Ottoman castle

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The history of the construction of this castle dates back to the Ottoman era, and it was built before the year 998 AH / 1589 CE, when its first mention was made in a letter dated this year, which was found in Qasr Ibrim in Nubia. The layout of the castle is almost square, and it is supported by four semi-circular corner towers, and the walls are built from the outside in limestone, and it appears that this castle had a trench from the outside, while the walls are built of rubble and have small holes used as darts for topping arrows and topped with a cornice above which is added a newer brick wall The entrance is a wooden door with two gates topped with a semicircular arch, followed by a corridor covered with a crossed vault leading to an open hallway that includes the old entrance to the castle, and topped by a necklace of interlocking stone castanets, and on the sides of the corridor we find three entries in the wall, two on the western side and a third in On the other side, and underneath these entrances there are terraces, and at the end of the eastern side of the corridor there is a door that leads to brick-built rooms used to house the soldiers, while the open courtyard is surrounded by a large observation tower near which there is a water tank.