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Beni Suef Museum

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The museum was opened in 1997 and it consists of two floors, the first of which includes the Egyptian monuments that were found in the archaeological sites in the governorate starting from prehistoric times and throughout the Pharaonic era and throughout the Greek and Roman eras.

The second floor includes the Coptic and Islamic monuments and some of the belongings of the family of Muhammad Ali. Among the most important holdings of the Pharaonic era are a group of statues of kings, gods, individuals, funerary paintings, human sarcophagi, entrails, and amulets. From the Greek and Roman eras, a group of statues of individuals, deities, and funerary paintings.

Some of the icons include Coptic icons, metal and wooden tools, and examples of Coptic textiles. Among the Islamic monuments are bars, wooden doors and manuscripts. Among the holdings of the family of Muhammad Ali show different types of ceramics, weapons and clothing.