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Monastery of Saint Samuel the Confessor

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The Monastery of St. Samuel, the Confessor "The Garden of Mount Qalamoun". The monastery includes 4 churches, namely St. Samuel, the Church of the Virgin Mary, the Church of St. Michael the Tourist, and the Church of the Martyrs. The convent also includes the cave of St. Samuel the Confessor.

The monastery was named St. Samuel the Confessor, who was born in 597 AD, to a father who used to work as a priest and called Silas, in the town of Meleg the Christians. The monastery is also called "Mount Qalamoun Mountain", as it is located on Mount Qalamoun.

The cave of St. Samuel the Confessor is one of the important visiting areas in the monastery that the visitors blessed. It is located at a high peak, 5 km from the eastern side of the monastery, and the entrance to the cave from the western side. He spends most of his time, and he goes to the monastery periodically to inspect the situation of the monks.