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Sataya Reef - Dolphin House

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Sataya Reef also called Sha’ab Sataya and also known as the Dolphin Reef. Sataya reef located at the south-eastern tip of the Fury Shoal. Fury Shoal is a diving area located in Marsa Alam, Egypt. Moreover, Sataya Reef is a horseshoe-shaped reef which lies in open water. It located to the northeast of Ras Banas. The eastern side of the Sha’ab Sataya has a steeply sloping wall profile. Furthermore, it gives a way to a sandy slope scattered. It is with coral heads and pinnacles toward the reefs southeast corner. In fact, the lower reaches of the reef poorly covered. It is with the best coral growth which occurs in the top 10 m (33 feet).


The southern pinnacles of Sha’ab Sataya are rich with a wide variety of coral types throughout. The varied hard coral composition of the heads and pinnacles acts as a base for some nice soft coral growth. Fish life in Sha’ab Sataya is excellent. Moreover, Schooling fish of all types seen in large numbers. Furthermore, the reef-dwellers such as angelfish and butterflies, provide flashes of color. Cuttlefish and shrimps put in an appearance for the invertebrates. Sataya Reef also houses blue spotted and black spotted stingrays. Sharks of several types also spotted there.