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Dahab is a city in Egypt, located 85 km north of Sharm El Sheikh on the Gulf of Aqaba and 175 km south of Taba, near the southern tip of Sinai. It is a place where many have fallen in love over the years, and they come back again and again.

Dahab was once a secluded coastal village inhabited only by the local Bedouins. 30 years ago, there were less than 30 Bedouin families in Dahab. Like the Bedouins inside, they had a self-sufficient lifestyle but in Dahab this was dependent on hunting as well as traditional goat flocks. During the summer, many Bedouins came to Dahab to hunt, collect dates and enjoy life by the sea. To this day, the favorite gifts from Dahab (for the local Bedouins) are dried fish and dates.

The secluded Dahab location, the idyllic location and quiet Bedouin hospitality has made it a favorite destination for all who have found it. During the 1980s it became a Hebei hangout, and in the 1990s adventure enthusiasts from all over the world began to discover the natural wonders of Dahab. A mixture of the Red Sea and the Sinai desert makes Dahab ideal for world-class surfing, snorkeling, free diving, rock climbing, and of course desert trips with the Bedouins. Add to this cheap accommodation on or near the beach, inexpensive food and drink, and a relaxed atmosphere, and have a great temptation for young and young at heart.