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Fayoum governorate is a natural green oasis that lies in the West Desert, south west of Cairo governorate at 90 km distance. It is one of the governorates of North Upper Egypt. It is gifted with a beautiful nature and moderate climate all the year round. It represents a valley, a delta and a lake.

The governorate's total cultivated areas cover 21445 thousand feddans and it is famous for cultivating all sorts of fruits including grapes, figs, as well as other traditional crops including wheat, cotton, rice, maize, sugar beets, and sunflowers.

Moreover, Fayoum contributes in the industrial activity. In this regard, two industrial zones were established in el-Fath city in Koum Osheem over 1102 feddans, and in Quota area spanning over 2000 feddans. Many projects were instituted in these areas producing sunflowers oil, ceramics, refrigerators, nails and paints. This, in addition to large industries on the outskirt of such zones such as: cotton spinning and weaving, fodders, porcelain, pottery, sugar beets, kleem and rugs.

Fayoum is one of important tourism attraction sites and has all the natural, rural, coastal and desert features. It hosts monuments of several pre-history civilizations in addition to the Pharaonic, the Greek, and the Romans. The governorate has many tourist sites such as: Qaroun Lake, Rayan Valley Falls, Ein el-Selyeen Springs Steps as well as several monuments, some of which include Abgeeg obelisk, Um el-Borygat city, Qaroun Palace, the ancient city of Maddy, Virgin Mary Church, the Hanging Mosque, and el-Haddeer Water Wheels, in addition to the natural protectorates.

Fayoum witnesses an urban development seen in the establishment of residential cities including Demo Housing Complex, Demo Educational Complex, and the Sports City, in addition to the new Fayoum city that will be established in Howara region.