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Kafr el-Sheikh is a key province in the north of Egypt that is situated in the Nile Delta region alongside the western bank of the Nile. It borders Dakahlia governorate in the east and Gharbia governorate in the south, while in the north it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. In the west, the Rashid branch of the Nile flows alongside this province for 85 km, until it also meets the Mediterranean Sea.

This fertile Delta land enables large-scale cultivation of wheat, rice, cotton, and beets. Fishing is another important occupation and source of income in the Kafr el-Sheikh region. Several industries have flourished here, including manufacture of dairy products, soaps and beet sugar. Many rice mills and cotton ginning plants are also running successfully in this governorate due to the huge availability of the raw materials for these industries. The industrial zones of Baltim and Metoubes are two major areas that increase the revenue of this governorate and they consistently draw more and more investments into these various sectors.

Tourists are highly interested in visiting this region, due to the presence of el-Borolos Lake, Desook Park, the Mosque of Sayeed Talha Abi Said el-Telmesany, the Mosque of Sayeed Ibrahim el-Desooky, the Virgin Mary Church, historical monuments of Sakha Hills and Faraeen Hills and also the residence of the legendary revolutionary leader Saad Zaghloul. Balteem summer resort is also a favorite vacation spot of many Egyptians, as well as the foreigners.