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Fayed is considered one of the most important tourist centers in Ismailia, due to its unique location as it extends from the Ataka mountain range in the west to the Suez Canal in the east, where it is characterized by the presence of many beaches overlooking the bitter lakes that connect the two ends of the Suez Canal, in addition to easy access to them via paved roads and various available means of transportation.

Fayed has an area of ​​5,322 square kilometers and includes a center and three villages, with a population of approximately 81,000 people. The local unit of Fayed Center and City, which was established in 1965, includes the main city of Fayed, the villages of Sarabium, Abu Sultan, Fanara, Kesfret, and Hawes.

Main city of Fayed and the villages of Abu Sultan and Fanara are important tourist centers that attract projects. The Fayed center includes thirty-two beaches overlooking the Bitter Lakes and more than nineteen tourist villages.

In recent years, Fayed coast has turned into a panoramic view of various types of resorts and tourist villages. On the shores of the Bitter Lakes extending from the Dverswar region at 97 km south of Ismailia to 130 km south of Geneva, dozens of private beaches and tourist villages have been established, along with the new Fayed beach, and the beaches of Zohour, Fanar, Fardous, and Shamosa, also there is a tongue inside the sea called the Lesan El Wezraa "Tongue of Ministers" and it includes dozens of villas for former ministers of Egypt and senior state officials.