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El Gouna is a modern resort on the Red Sea in Egypt, near Hurghada. It was built along the beach and on small islands, and is famous for its lakes, coral reefs, and sandy beaches. Among them is the long, extensive mangrove beach, which is popular for windsurfers. Restaurants line up at Abu Tig Marina.

The coast of El Gouna is 10 km long and consists of 20 islands surrounded by lakes. The city is located 25 kilometers from Hurghada International Airport, but the city also has its own airport. El Gouna is famous for being the greenest city in Egypt, being the most environmentally friendly city all over Egypt.

El Gouna buildings were designed by many influential European and American architects to resemble traditional Egyptian rural architecture like those in the Egyptian countryside and Nubian villages. El Gouna specializes in water sports, including diving, surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing and snorkeling. There are many beaches: including an Olive Beach located on its own island, Mangrovi Beach and other hotel beaches. The canal network allows many homes to have their own beach side, even hundreds of meters inside. Most of these channels are crossed by small stone bridges.