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Safaga, an Egyptian city, which belongs to the Red Sea Governorate.

Safaga contains many tourist villages as it is specialized in training in diving and in the establishment of fishing competitions and many recreational tourism activities. In Safaga there are a number of world-famous hotels and fish restaurants. Safaga is characterized by black sand that is useful in treating some skin diseases and chronic joint diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatoid.

In addition, Safaga is an important Egyptian port for importing and exporting goods and minerals. As a port, it is also of great importance in transporting individuals to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially during the Hajj season, due to its proximity to the coast of the Kingdom. Safaga also has a charming atmosphere all year round. It also has a beautiful calmness on its beaches, as there is an island in front of it that makes it without crashing waves. It is characterized by its clear water.


In Safaga, there are diving centers at a high level of quality due to the large number of diving places. Among the most famous are Sharm el-Naga, close to the beach, 40 km from Hurghada and a few km north of Safaga. The shallowest coral reef parts are only 4 meters deep, consisting of fiery reefs and helicopter reefs. Varieties of fish, huge octopus and seashells are varied.