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The Kharga Oasis (meaning "the outer") is the southernmost of Egypt's five western oases. It is located in the Western Desert, about 200 km to the west of the Nile valley. Kharga is also the name of a major town located in the oasis, the capital of New Valley Governorate. The oasis, which was known as the Southern Oasis to the Ancient Egyptians, is the largest of the oases in the Libyan desert of Egypt. It is in a depression about 160 km long and from 20 km to 80 km wide. Its population is 67,700 (2012)


Kharga can thus be considered as an ideal base for an exciting safari into the Western Desert. In and around town, you can visit Ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman sites, such as the Temple of Hibis, and buy from local traders at the simple souk for pottery in the southern part of Qasr town, the oasis' main town, before heading to the interesting Kharga Museum of Antiquities.

Not far from Kharga, you'll have the opportunity to explore very old Coptic landmarks such as the Necropolis of Al-Bagawat and Deir Al-Kashef Monastery.